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Tyler Mongan is an Innovation Strategist and Ph.D. candidate researching the application of human physiology and quantum medicine science in the business environment. Specifically he is focusing his research on how to apply perception medicine, heart-brain coherence, embodiment practices, actionable innovation, and forefasting to help organizations develop strategies for success in the emerging business landscape.

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The MIND INNOVATION LAB is an Idea Generation and Idea Development Framework that allows innovation teams & executive level personnel to scan the horizon for future strategies within the emerging business landscape. This framework has been tested by innovation teams, within small businesses, and at executive level strategic planning sessions with fortune 500 companies. It gets results!


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The HEART LAB utilizes the latest in Heart-Body-Brain Coherence science to develop tools for teams and organizations to get in the same boat and rowing together in the same direction at the same time. High-performance culture requires that individuals align their personal physiology and values with corporate values and goals (and vice versa). With an entire organization and all its parts moving together towards a common future, anything is possible and innovation happens fast.




The MIND LAB is an experiential framework that utilizes the scientific method of goal setting and the latest in neuroscience and practical quantum physics to plot trajectories for success in life and business. Tested in over 20 cities globally and by over 500 participants, the Mind Lab experience provides entrepreneurs and leaders with a unique approach to forecasting and planning.



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