Coherence, Innovation, Futuring

Tyler Mongan works with organizations globally to develop unique frameworks for forecasting actionable innovations and future business strategies. He is a teacher of consciousness practices and yoga, and is a Ph.D. candidate researching the application of human physiology and quantum medicine science in the emerging business landscape.

Tyler rigorously researches how the latest in human physiology, neuroscience, consciousness practices, and quantum medicine can be applied to creating possible futures and realizing actionable innovations. He helped launch five start-ups in Hawaii and served as Director of Operations for Smart Sustainability Consulting. He is also a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum University, a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Education Committee Member for Yoga Alliance, and teaches yoga teacher trainings in Hawaii. He has studied Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Acupuncture, and trains in bagua movement arts. He currently travels the globe speaking at conferences, consulting businesses, training teams, and leading workshops on practical methods for applying his research.

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Heart Lab: Coherence, Innovation, Futuring
HEART LAB develops frameworks that upskill innovation teams and guide executive leadership on how to utilize science to increase forecasting capabilities, cultivate high-performance cultures, and discover actionable innovations. The INNOVATION MIND LAB process developed by Heart Lab has been utilized by small businesses, global innovation teams, and executive level strategic planning sessions with fortune 500 companies.
Mind Lab: This is an Experiment
MIND LAB is an experiential framework that utilizes the scientific method of goal setting and the latest in neuroscience and practical quantum physics to plot trajectories for success in life and business. Tested in over 20 cities globally and by over 500 participants, the Mind Lab experience provides entrepreneurs and leaders with a unique approach to forecasting and planning.















Number Lab: Art and Science of Number Patterns
Practical Numerology is a system that integrates science and art to understand the patterns in your birthdate. It is based on the Kundalini Yoga Tradition and provides information about the story and geometry of a particular date.
Body Lab at Sanghawi Yoga Teacher Trainings
Body Lab is presented at Sanghawai
 yoga teacher trainings in Hawaii 2 to 3 times per year since 2014. In the Body Lab we explore a wholistic perspective on human anatomy and physiology with practical application.











(Coming Soon). Future X: Heart-centered, collaborative, quantum. If we learn to move into the future with a heart-centered, collaborative, and quantum state of being, then we can allow a future to emerge where everyone is thriving.
Coherence Professional Development and Coaching experience. A 3-month program that simplifies, integrates and catalyzes your life and business. Click here to join the program.



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