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“Businesses not only build machines, they also build people.”

IMG_4534I investigate the latest research in Brain-Heart Coherence, Neuroscience, Quantum Thinking, Cognitive Social Dynamics, Business Culture and Future Intelligence and then integrates the information into frameworks and processes that help leaders and organizations catalyze innovative strategies for success. I have been launching and growing for-profit and non-profit businesses in Hawaii since 2008 and have held executive level positions for government funding programs. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Quantum Medicine, researching the effects of coherence on cognitive self-management, goal-setting and organizational influence. I teach mindfulness & science-based yoga. As the co-founder and CIO of, I travel internationally speaking at conferences and training leaders on practical methods for applying my research to increase leadership effectiveness, cultivate cultures of innovation, and develop future intelligence.

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  1. Founder of Heart Lab LLC, investigating the application of human physiology and quantum medicine science in the business landscape.
  2. Developer of Actionable Innovation Lab, an idea generation and development framework that is utilized by innovation teams and executive leadership at fortune 500 companies for developing future strategies
  3. Facilitator of the MindLab Method  (and co-developer of Mind Lab Experiment) an innovative, science-based, goal-setting framework that integrates the latest in neuroscience, heart-brain communication, quantum thinking and embodiment practices.
  4. Author of “Feeling The Future” (Forthcoming 2018)
  5. Education Committee Member for Yoga Alliance, the largest organization of certified yoga instructors
  6. Author of “Practical Numerology” and “Yoga Numbers a kundalini based birthdate numerology system. Creator of Yoga Numerology.
  7. Director of Commercialization for Kukui Cup, an online energy conservation education game.
  8. Director of Operations for Smart Sustainability Consulting, Identifying over 8-million dollars in no-to-low cost savings for the Department of Defense and Department of Education.
  9. Content Strategies and Co-Author of The Anatomy of Integrity
  10. Start-Up Team for Impact HUB Honolulu
  11. Business Director for the launch of KanuValues, an Island Innovation Fund Awarded project
  12. Founder of Hawaii’s first sustainable living publication, HonuGuide
  13. Co-founder of Nella Media Group, a travel-tourism based publishing house in Hawaii. 
  14. Founding board of directors for the Sustainability Association of Hawaii & board member and conference co-chair for Envision Hawaii.


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