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Optimize Human Potential For A Frictionless Future

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Science is expanding our understanding of the physical workings of the body and our relationship to consciousness. As we shift our physiology from the brain into the heart a profound new state begins to develop in our physiology can we enter more coherent conscious experiences. These states optimize leadership performance and team collaboration.

Embodiment & Human IntelligenceYOU ARE A BRAIN, HEART, & BODY

Your mind cannot go alone…you have to bring your brain, heart, and body into the future with you. Humans need to learn how to utilize all their intelligences (all nine), including emotional, social, cognitive, movement and future to navigate the unknown and uncertain emerging future.

What Are People Saying?

Tyler and his thought process and practice are authentic and immediately implementable. He Invokes curiosity.

If you need guidance into how to approach life and your life’s goals in a more clear & concrete approach in order to see those goals manifest effortlessly, then see Tyler.

Biomedical Researcher & Neuro-Feedback SpecialistNeuroscience, Heart-Brain Communication, Cognitive Social Behavior

During pre-med training I published work on the effect of DNA mutation in Parasitic protozoa sugar transporter proteins. I attended medical school, acupuncture training, and currently getting a Ph.D. in Quantum Medicine. I am trained in peak performance neuro-feedback and continually review the scientific literature or the opportunity to apply new knowledge in the business environment. I am always running real life experiments and applying the scientific method to my work.

Yoga Instructor & Movement EnthusiastEmbodiment, Breath, Mind-Body Integration, & Meditation

I practice and teach ashtanga based yoga (200hr RYT). I am a yearly faculty member at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong kong. I have also studied Bagua martial and healing arts since 2008 at the Dragon Gate Sanctuary in Hawaii. I have attended workshop on breath with Wim Hoff and have trained in heart-centered meditation at ashrams in Thailand.  I explore movement and the valuable lessons the body teaches on how to take action and create the future. In my free time I surf…the windy break of Diamond Head in Hawaii is my home surf spot.

Global Speaker & Leadership Facilitator Coherent Leadership, Actionable-Mindful Innovation, Future Intelligence

I spent over 3-years traveling around the globe hosting Mind Lab Method workshops for entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses. That has lead to work with fortune 500 companies leadership teams, HR, innovation functions, and foresight units. I have spoken at leadership, foresight, entrepreneur, future tech, and digital detox conferences and events around globe. My presentations are science-based, practical and experiential.


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Utilize the power of your brain and heart to find your way in the unknown and achieve your life and business goals with ease.