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Tyler Mongan is the author of “Feeling The Future” a 5-step process to utilizing brain-heart science to gain clarity about the unknown and architect trajectories into the future. He has worked with Fortune 500 Company innovation, foresight, and HR functions to develop reliable and consistent step-by-step innovation and foresight processes to gain clarity about the unknown and discover what is emerging in the future. He has facilitated Coherent Leadership trainings for executive teams around the globe to help them develop new mindsets, heart-states, and paradigms for the future of business.  Tyler has spoken at global conferences including, Tech Open Air (Berlin), Small Giants Summit (Detroit), and Develop, Design, Transform the Future (Antwerp), Futures of a Complex World Conference (Turku), and The Asia Yoga Conference (Hong Kong).  He generally speaks on the practical application of scientific knowledge and consciousness research to optimize human potential for a frictionless future. Tyler has formal training in western and eastern medicine, is a published biochemist, a Ph.D. candidate, a yoga instructor, a banjo picker and avid surfer.

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What an amazing presentation last night at SoHo House. Your talk was illuminating and inspiring, with much more tangible takeaway than some of the events & speaker sessions I’ve attended there. I fell I can start implementing your principles immediately to grow my business, attract more clients, and achieve a better balance in my personal life. 

James Moore Founder, Hydra Creative James Moore
Founder, Hydra Creative

Very unique and timely take on what’s needed to be an outstanding leader today. The most valuable aspect of this presentation is its coherent and strong combination of scientific, business, and leadership theories and applications. Highly recommend for those wanting to take their leadership skills to the next level!

Sam Google Asia Sam
Google Asia

I had the great pleasure of working with Tyler when he supported a group of Change Champions to look at a problem from a very different perspective. Tyler shared and led us through his Innovation approach which helped us to identify ideas and develop them into thought through solutions at a level of detail not normally achieved through brainstorming alone. On a personal level Tyler was generous in sharing his time to help us run this as a ’round the sun’ global event by training and I appreciated his coaching and support to run a very different approach for our typical culture.

Ann  HR Director, Rolls Royce Ann
HR Director, Rolls Royce

Speaking Topics Let's Talk About Leadership, Innovation & The Future...Or Something That is Valuable To Your Organization

Conscious & Coherent Leadership For The Future

Applying Consciousness Science to Thrive and Innovate in Uncertain, Complex and Exponential Futures.

Actionable Innovation Through Brain-Heart Coherence

Learn How Organizations Can Cultivate High-Performance, Collaborative, & Creative Cultures That Consistently Generating Coherent Ideas and Developing Mindful & Actionable Innovations

Future Leaders Listen To Their Heart [Seriously]

Learn How Coherent, Heart-Centered Leadership Inspires, Influences, & Innovates with an Unknown & Uncertain Future.

Cultivating Empathy & Coherence With Possible Futures

Explore how a physiological based approach to foresight allows us to understand how to cultivate optimal states for thinking into the future and developing empathy with the futures we envision.

Feeling The Future: A New Strategy For Foresight

Experience simple, science-based practices for feeling into the unknown to gain clarity about future strategies and innovations.

Coherent & Collaborative Organizational Transformation

Navigate the Two-Loops of Behavior Change Through Information, Inspiration, and Integration to Drive Rapid Culture Change. 

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