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I make scientific knowledge & consciousness practices practical for daily life & business


Are You Ready To Align With Your Future Potential?

To be honest change is challenging. The brain does not want you to change because it values homeostasis, keeping things the same. However, in my experience you have to become a new person to achieve your goals and architect your future. By utilizing simple science-based techniques, developing new mindsets and heartstates, and collaborating with like-minded people, change can happen fast and easy.

If you are ready to align your brain, heart, mind, and body with one coherent future self, then you can get started today by booking a FUTURE POTENTIAL PROFILE SESSION.   Utilizing some special techniques and tools to provide you with unique insight into your current level of coherence, your innate superpowers, how you stand in the world, and action steps to help your reach your current potential.

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Architect The Future

The MIND LAB METHOD is a 5-step process to architect your future. It applies the latest in neuroscience, heart-brain communication and cognitive social behavior to help you timeline the next 3-months of life. Workshops are 3-hr, full day or two-day events.

BIG30: Achieve One Big Goal in 30 Days

This online experience will help you utilize your brain and heart to gain clarity about your future, design future timelines, and collaborate with like-minded people. Fun, fast pace, and inspiring. The results speak for themselves.